Saturday, March 9, 2013

less than 3 months...wweehhooo


helloo...!!! haha tuan rumah sendiri tak paham sebab ape dah lme mendiamkan diri..actually sangat2 busy..but dalam2 busy tu sempat jugak tinjau2 blog2 femes..cume tak sempat la nk update story..

actually banyak nak di story, maybe lepas bulan lima la kot sebab time tu sumenye dah selesai..means that i will finish my studied on this coming May..!! yeeehhaaa...sounds so happy..but definitely i will miss this place so much...owwhh yaa kalau di tolak tambah darab bahagi 7 tahun dah i'm here..!! wooww..sekejap je rasenye kan..and of course terlalu banyak kenangan pahit manis masam mixed it up boleh tmbh ikan siakap lepas tu..jadi la ikan siakap masak 4 rase...hehe

tak decide lagi nak buat ape after habis study nanti...tapi dalam hati memang teringin sangat nak spent time kat sabah with my bro family..taking care my niece and nephew...they growing fast..aiiggooo how i miss them so much...once they come back to niece and nephew doesn't know me as their this time la i will spent time with them at least two months there...

tapi kalau dapat keje kat sabah pown seronok jugak..hehe..tak habis explore sabah kalau dapat kerja kat sana boleh la sambil keje..sambil isn't i wish my dream come true..hehehe..for sure akan rindu kat Klang and especially someone i left here...heehe..he's everything but as long i'm not yours we're freely to have fun and rewards our self right..?? hehe..but don't worry u're my only one..and i would not find someone else there..hehe..

last but not least, Happy International Women's Day to each women out there...tak sangka jumpa my mr garfield tadi dia wish kat i special day sweet la u..well people i think that's all for tonite...i will update new story later...btw for more update from me in terms of follow me on instagram: mona_fatin...hehe...same goes to my twitter @mona_fatin ... see yaaa..!! 


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